Clerkenwell Design Week 2023



The life of the office isn’t static, colleagues undertake each day different tasks in different ways depending on their own individual needs. This constant state of flux has driven a need for diverse and adaptable workplace furniture; from collaborative meetings, individually focused work, touch down areas, breakout spaces and more.


However, offices also evolve over longer time scales too. In recent years we’ve seen a rapid transformation in how workspaces are used, driving a need to update or change their interiors, including the furniture, to cater for new ways of working and changes in technology.


With ever increasing urgency we also need to look at the impact we have on the environment, understanding how to re-use, re-envision and re-vitalise older office areas utilising existing furniture. Rather than all new, designers can consider adding-to or changing what’s already there to rejuvenate spaces.


This Clerkenwell Design Week Davison Highley is investigating both micro and macro office changes. Discover upholstered furniture whose modular nature caters for every area of the workspace, get up close with our quality construction and let us share with you our sustainable practices.


  • Explore the evolution of your workplace to grow or alter your different areas to meet the requirements of both today and the future in an environmentally positive way.


  • Showcasing Davison Highley furniture for every area of the workspace. With scenes enhanced by Clerkenwell rug studio.


  • A botanical-BEE installation in conjunction with Innerspace Cheshire. Featuring BEE & BEE-fluted layouts with planting to create an indoor garden room.


  • Learn more about our RE- scheme, part of our Sustainable Manufacturing Program, where we encourage our clients to reuse their existing Davison Highley furniture in order to reduce the volume of waste going to landfill. Our showroom will be displaying areas demonstrating where we’ve reused existing furniture, creating dynamic, contemporary new spaces.


  • Discover how, as a manufacturer, we are tackling our impact on the environment in a positive way – join our talk with sustainability expert, James Bell from Dragonfly Sustainability.


Explore the possibilities!











Introducing the RE- scheme.
Rather than all new, why not consider adding to or adapting your existing Davison Highley products.

We'll have some great examples on display to inspire you to re-use, re-cycle and re-jeuvenate. Come in and have a look!





LAST FEW SPACES AVAILABLE/ Join us during Clerkenwell Design Week, as we examine a life-cycle based approach to furniture design, production and consumption. 

Embracing Circularity with James Bell, Dragonfly Sustainability
Wednesday 24th May 2023 9.15am










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