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We’re on a mission. And have been for years! To have sustainability at the core of our organisation. It’s been underpinning our business model for many years with common sense strategies including; sourcing local raw materials, ensuring ethical practises and reducing waste.

Quite rightly, the sustainability topic has become central to many conversations, both personally and professionally, which is why we want to help untangle the narrative and bring clarity by highlighting some of our more recent initiatives.




Environmental Scorecards

We’re making available environmental data on our most popular collections; Bee, Bee fluted, EL and Boulevard.

Download our Environmental Scorecard to access accurate, informative and verifiable data on the environmental profile of key products. For modular collections we’ve analysed by individual element allowing clients to easily identify a total value of, for example, Embodied Carbon or Recycled Content, for any specific design.

The scorecards have been produced in accordance with the internationally recognised ISO 14021:2016 standard and have been independently verified by our consultant Dragonfly Sustainability.

Download them here for:

BEE,    BEE-FLUTED,    EL,    and    BOULEVARD





FSC® certification renewal

Each year we are audited for compliance and we’re delighted to pass again in November 2022 with an exemplary report.

Our environmental certification which includes FSC®, FIRA membership and FISP reassures our clients that as an organisation we are following best practise, answerable to global organisations, in terms of our environmental procedures. It also gives us reassurance that any new initiatives we introduce are included in the monitoring from an accreditation perspective.




Introducing the RE- scheme

Extend the life of your existing Davison Highley furniture with our RE- scheme, where we encourage our clients to reuse their existing Davison Highley furniture.

Part of our Sustainable Manufacture Program, clients have the option to reduce the volume of waste by renewing their existing Davison Highley furniture. All our furniture comes with a 10-year frame and 7-year foam guarantee, but what happens if the fabric starts to look tired, the layout needs to be modified or styles have changed? Rather than replace, we encourage our clients to instead talk to us about using our RE- scheme to refresh, repair or repurpose existing Davison Highley furniture. Each project is individually assessed to determine what needs to be done in order to increase the longevity of the furniture. 


Reliable expertise

Since 2017 we’ve been working with the team at Dragonfly Sustainability, an external consultancy, to help us realise our sustainability goals.

Their reliable expertise has not only assisted our certification processes but also given us confidence in our data, with the knowledge that it has been independently verified.


Kind Regards

Toby Davison
Managing director


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