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As many of our clients know, we love our home in the heart of Clerkenwell. For 8 years we’ve been welcoming clients to our extensive showroom in Brewhouse Yard. A late 19th Century brewery building whose architecture gives a gentle nod to its historic past, with distinctive pillars and arched windows and on sunny days our outdoor courtyard provides a welcome retreat for a relaxing break, a moment to pause on a busy day.

Enlisting the immense interior design skills of Natasha Cruder, we’ve had a redesign, a time to look at the space we have and clearly focus on providing flexibility whilst optimising the customer experience.


Flexible workplace

Workplaces change. We hear this from our clients and our showroom is no exception. Sheers have been strategically hung in the space as a flexible, separation tool, to encourage the flow but also to create ‘pause’ moments.  By using sheers and not heavy curtains we retain the sight lines across the space but recognise those moments to pause.

In times, of new product launches, inspirational talks and even yoga sessions, we’ll be able to adapt the space to suit the occasion. 


Customer experience

Our approach was to construct a journey through the space that enabled the visitor to create personalised experiences with the products they were seeing and the space itself, whilst retaining the views across the open plan showroom – we did not want to hide the buildings features, in particular the columns and arched ceilings.  




The application of plants was used to focus the eye line.  Upon entry your eye is drawn to the trailing column plants, to create a light barrier between the front part of the showroom and the back.  The portable potted plants have been used to direct the visitor through the space but also to create a realistic environment to showcase the furniture pieces inspired by biophilic design.

The Working Area and Teapoint are nestled in the far corner near the WCs. With walls painted a rich deep green we’ve created a warm, relaxed environment that invites collaboration and socialising. The space offers a large high table with AV and a fabric library making it ideal for meetings and presentations.  The informal breakout seating in the Teapoint area act as a great way to connect the two spaces.

The first of our phased developments for the showroom is now complete!

Let us show you around! Book your appointment by emailing or take an online tour now.


Natasha Cruder

Cruder interiors

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