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As we head into the first full week of Lockdown 2.0 we send all our clients and friends the warmest regards to stay safe through these challenging times. Our teams are currently working from home or safely distanced in our Covid secure workshop, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or simply a chat!

As many employees continue to work from home, workplaces are remaining agile, adapting and repurposing their spaces to ensure they are both Covid secure but also welcoming and reassuring spaces. Extensive upholstered furniture is something which continues to be of interest, particularly with clients looking for luxurious, comfortable pieces so they can make the very best use of their space.

Our tailoring and bespoke design services are a great solution for this, not just in practical terms to optimise your space but also as an opportunity to bring a more luxurious finish to the project whilst keeping to budget. In addition all our furniture is manufactured with sustainability in mind, so we can help you meet your projects environmental accreditations. Find out more by viewing our Understanding sustainability standards of workplace furniture webinar here
We've collected together a few of our favourites to inspire you! Get in touch to find out more.




Here's what else is coming up! A sneak peek of another new product we are developing.

During 2020 we've proud to have launched some exciting new products, such as BEE and PLIA which have given our clients new opportunities for flexible workplaces. Our latest project promises to bring the comfort of upholstered furniture and yet the cut away at the top gives you a hint of the mobility this new product will bring. Coming soon!










Kind Regards

Toby Davison
Managing director


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