Davison Highley magic and our process in creating the highest quality furniture.

Fabric and leather bands


Our fabric and leather bands cover our standard selection of fabrics, faux leathers and leathers for use on our standard collection.


The fabrics, faux leathers and leathers listed are for guidance only. We are happy to consider and offer an opinion on any alternative upholstery fabric or leather which does not appear on the list in respect of it’s suitability, pattern matching, or other features.


Please contact us directly for pricing and Davison Highley approval when specifying an unlisted fabric or leather.


Please note the images shown below are to indicate the design of the upholstery material, please see the manufacturers website for more information and full colour ranges. Alternatively we can provide samples upon request.



Fabric band 0:


Customers own material




Fabric band 1:


Camira Canopy


Camira Era


Camira Rivet


Gabriel Go Check


Gabriel Go Couture


Gabriel Tempt


Gabriel Go Uni


Vescom Namal


Yarwood Dollaro (vinyl)







Fabric band 2:


Camira Mainline Flax


Gabriel Capture


Gabriel Crisp


Gabriel Fame


Gabriel Fame Hybrid


Malone Chelsea Velvet


Malone Highland


Sekers Orzan (vinyl)





Fabric band 3:


Camira Aquarius


Camira Blazer


Camira Marvel (vinyl)


Camira Silk


Camira Synergy


Gabriel Breeze


Gabriel Breeze Fusion


Gabriel Note


Kvadrat Cava


Kvadrat Umami 1,2 & 3


Kvadrat Remix


Malone Skai Sotega (vinyl)


Svensson Front


Vescom Samar





Fabric band 4:


Bute Clyde


Bute Tweed


Bute Tutti Frutti Tweed


Camira Craggan


Kvadrat Clara 2


Svensson Happy


Svensson Ink


Svensson Mingel


Svensson Step


Vescom Balta


Vescom Hestan


Vescom Lani


Vescom Lindau


Vescom Yuma





Fabric band 5:


Bute Melrose


Kvadrat Canvas


Kvadrat Divina 3


Kvadrat Tonus 4


Kvadrat Steelcut Trio 2


Vescom Ariana Velvet


Vescom Nauru







Fabric band 6:


Kvadrat Divina Melange


Kvadrat Hallingdal 65


Kvadrat Hero


Svensson Raw





Leather Band 1:


Crest JMT Shelly


Yarwood Style





Leather Band 2:


Andrew Muirhead Ingleston


Bridge of Weir Grampian




Appropriate finishes:


It is our clients responsibility to specify upholstery finishes appropriate to the area the furniture occupies and for its intended end use.


Should furniture be intended for higher risk or high traffic areas, for specific purposes and/or require additional fire-retardancy treatment, please advise us. We can assist in selecting the appropriate upholstery finish.